About the Author

Alastair Magnaldo photo author


Alastair is a shooting star. Beyond our world, he roams
outer space, stalked by time, the invincible enemy which
alone can interrupt his course. Confronting existence which
dulls the sparkling eye, he has chosen the ultimate provocation.
He has clung to his childish heart and made it his arm.
Where life instructs us to close our eyes on the magic landscapes
of childhood, Alastair sets out to awaken these sedated worlds.
In his wake sprinkled with stars and wry objects, are galaxies
of mysterious adventures. Poetic and enchanting works,
the photos of Alastair liberate the imagination and achieve
the true goal of their author: to transport the viewer beyond
the world, beyond time.

Sarah Charluteau

Alastair Magnaldo counts numerous press publications worldwide.

He has also illustrated worldwide numerous book covers, CD covers and theater posters.

He collaborates with Yellowkorner for the distribution of part of his portfolio.